V S Enterprises-Epoxy Treatment

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Company : V S Enterprises

Services : Epoxy Treatment.

Description : For certain Marbles with un-solid surface, broken holes and cracks, tiny pores, chips or poor workmanship. Special epoxy chemical treatment plus high gloss Italy quality..

Epoxy Treatment Floor Coating Epoxy flooring

  • Provides cleaner, healthier, more pleasant work station.
  • Protects concrete structures from wear and patch, making it last longer and durable.
  • Prevents concrete dusting.
  • Protects the substrate from chemical and physical degradation.
  • Cuts down on amount of lighting needed in plant.
  • Makes the plant appealing well.
  • Helps to keep finished parts clean before shipping.
  • Cuts down maintenance and cleaning costs.
  • Enhances the aesthetic value.
  • Able to wash easily.
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