Asian Paints Royale Aspira



oyale Aspira translates into an easy to clean, smooth and highly durable painted surface. It is the first product in India to offer a 5 year performance warranty. It is the international gold standard in paints. It is certified by global bench marking institutions. When applied on walls, it imparts a soft sheen finish.


  • 5 year Perfromance Warranty – Aspira is the first product in India to offer a 5 year performance warranty for interiors. The warranty covers film integrity, protection against flaking or peeling, shade fading & fungus attack.
  • Enhanced Anti-microbial Formula -The Aspira anti-bacterial, anti-fungal formula retards microbial growth, thus creating a more hygienic and therefore, healthier living environment.
  • Superior Stain Resistance -It creates non-porous, high density surface that is almost stain phobic, which essentially means stains are prevented from penetrating to provide easy cleanup and maintenance.
  • Exceptional Crack Bridging Property -Aspira is an elastic film that stretches itself to almost 400%, covering up the hairline cracks and ensuring that they are not visible.