Nippon Odourless AirCare




ippon Odourless AirCare is an anti-formaldehyde interior emulsion that helps create a safer and more hygienic indoor environment. This breakthrough product contains Anti-Formaldehyde with Active Carbon Technology, which continuously absorbs harmful free formaldehyde from the air and converts it into water vapour – resulting in clean fresh air. Besides having ultra-low VOC and odour, this environmentally-friendly paint is anti-bacterial and possesses superior washability. Also, it does not contain lead and mercury. It is ideal for people who are allergic to formaldehyde and paint odour. Hence, its use is recommended in eco-sensitive commercial and residential areas such as hospitals, schools, hotels and homes.

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  • This results in clean fresh air.
  • Healthy Interiors – home owners can settle in their houses immediately after painting. Prevents possibility of serious diseases in the long run.
  • Hygienic surroundings – safe for kids and elders.
  • Walls can be easily maintained and kept free of stains for longer